Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anna's Introduction

Hi there! I'm super pumped about trying this blogging thing.  Claire and I have both made a lot of resolutions to be awesome in various ways for 2010, so we figured a blog would be an interesting way for us to share our progress with each other (since we live a couple hours apart) and a great way to hold us accountable since you all will be on the edges of your seats dying to know if we can keep up with our goals! (Ok, maybe you won't be that attached...but you never know) Anyways, first I want to give you a few tiddly bits about myself so we can get to know each other a little better:

  • I am on a competitive jump rope team. That's right. Jump rope. I've been a part of the team, called the  Bouncing Bulldogs, since I was 9, too, so it's a big part of my life and who I am.  In fact, I've traveled all over the world with my team performing for various events, competing (I'm a two-time world champ and my team is currently the six-time national champ team, woop woop!), and teaching workshops to all types of people of all ages.  Being so involved and active at such a high level growing up really instilled in me how important it is (and how fun it can be!) to be physically fit. So go jump rope!
Me (on the right) and 4 of my best friends and teammates practicing a routine to perform at the Apollo Theater in NYC.
  • I am in the longest relationship ever. Ok...not ever. But for how young I am, I'd say that having a relationship that's going on six years is a doozy.  My crazy and awesome boyfriend, Joseph, is also a jump roper, and we grew up jumping together on the same team (which means we've known each other for a loooong time).  We've been through a ton and grown a lot together, and he puts up with my psycho cat obsession and giant, crazy family, so I guess I'll keep him around for a while longer ;)
Me and mah boo in Hawaiiiii!
  • Food is the Seriously, I love it (who doesn't??).  And I am on a total health kick right now, too, which has been great because I don't feel bad about what I'm eating!  I'm also really into trying new recipes and creating cool concoctions (how's that for alliteration?), which has been fun. My favorite foods are peanut butter, roasted brussel sprouts (I know, who likes brussel sprouts?! But you are seriously going to have to try them the way Claire and I make them) and more peanut butter. All together. Alright, maybe not all together, but it could be interesting...
  • I am definitely a neat freak, possibly on the verge of OCD-ness (quite the opposite of Claire, I might point out...)  I like everything in its place and never lose anything (except my regard for socially acceptable behavior when I am around cats).
  • Finally, I love constantly trying new things. It's so addicting! New foods, ways of exercising, traveling to new places and cultures - I get such a thrill from it all.  Wouldn't life be boring if everything was the same and predictable??  I want to jump out of planes (skydiving is amazing!) and swim with sharks dolphins and go EVERYWHERE! (donations to Anna's Traveling Fund are greatly appreciated and accepted at any time)
Kayaking on a weekend camping trip = awesome

So there you have it.  A little peek into the exhilarating life of Anna! Now I want you to share with us things about you! What kinds of food do you like? Send us recipes! What cool things have you tried that totally changed your life? I wanna do it too! Do you have a cat? Send it to me Awesome! Let's be friends!

I'm totally stoked to get this going. After all, it's something new to try!
Alfonzo (my roommate's kit kat trying to escape...but he loves me) and me!

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