Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Claire's Introduction

Aloha! I have been wanting an outlet to talk about fun things and find great ways to stay motivated, so I (and Anna, too) am so excited to blog with you all! First, I want to let you know a little about me, so here are some highlights:

  • I love to cook (and eat!). I always have, but only really began experimenting this year, since I moved into my first apartment. I will eat any vegetable or fruit you give me, but have never liked chocolate.
  • I HATE don't love to workout! ...sorry, but it's true! I DO, however, enjoy finding interesting ways to stay active and in shape (hiking, swimming, kayaking- fun!). Though I find the gym dull, it's important to me to keep my body healthy, so you gotta do what ya gotta do, right?
  • I have Celiac disease, which cuts wheat, barley, and rye out from my diet (that means no pasta, bread, and cake...I'm not lyin'!). I take this responsibility to my health and well-being very seriously. Once I was diagnosed in 2008, I immediately eliminated these and now love to find alternatives and try new things I might have overlooked otherwise.
  • I'm a student at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. I love it here, but the weather can be frigid and I'm not so sure I will ever get used to it! It's in the mountains which means we have fabulous hiking and b-e-a-u-tiful scenery. My major is Elementary Education, a choice I am so happy to have settled on.
  • I'm outrageously in love with my cat, Jezebel. In turn, Jezzy is totally crazy about my fish, Sushi. Kind of a love triangle thing going on since I bet Sushi likes me because I feed him...
  • I'm a tea, peanut butter, and oatmeal addict (oh no, now I'm hungry...), and there's nothing anybody can do about it!
  • I'm a goal oriented person that loves to dream big and thrive off the satisfaction I get when I'm successful. I always have a bagillion (buh-jill-yon) goals about getting more in shape, getting average awesome grades, and even getting more sleep.
  • My friends and (big) family mean the world to me, and I would be lost without them! They always support me and I'm eternally grateful to every last one of them. Music and singing have also played a big part in my life.

I really look forward to posting recipes, motivating ideas, exercising tips, everything Jezebel does, and my everyday life in general! -Claire


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