Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've Only Got (Crazy) Eyes for You!

Hallloooo!! So gettin' back into the swing of things has definitely been easier than it has been this week. After spreading my weekend between Boone, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. I didn't get all the appointments I hoped for, but I did jam in quite a few in while I could get around. One of these involved having my eyes dilated:

AAHHH!! Not a flattering pic, but neither is having pupils the size of quarters.

See a resemblance?? Other than the poofy fur and whiskers...oh wait.

It was nice to catch up wit da famfam and my friend Jenny, and I wish I could have stayed longer to see some UNC folk. My parents tried to spoil me the day I was home (Rachel, I hope you liked that they did all of your laundry- they thought it was mine!), and they made me some yummy GF soup to finish eat a bit of. 

Now, however, it's back to good ol' Boone: snow, oatmeal, and Jezzy breaking attacking my fishtank. I was late for my 9:30am class this morning because I was waiting for my roomie Lindsey to come in and tell me we had a snow day! Well, it didn't work out that way, and I had to truck it to my class. Apparently, there is a big blizzard comin' our way, though! Tomorrow is probably going to be the worst of it and they are predicting wind up to 75mph!!! Ridonkulous if you ask me (this could work out, though, because if they don't cancel classes, then I can just FLY to class!). In the morning you can definitely expect me to be waiting for Linds again...

Since I was running so late I didn't get a chance to eat b-fast until I was home, and I was craving something delish and nutrish: baked oatmeal! I wasn't in the mood for a cinnamon and apple one, so I opted for a fruitier berry/yogurt one. Mine didn't turn out as good as when Anna did it for me, but I think this is because I tried to use Anna's lack of measuring technique ("pinch" and "blob"). If my ratios had been more on it would have been perfect!

I topped mine with yoggie and more berries! and the bowl helped me be less...you know! :D
p.s. Anybody spot a certain someone top left? What a mooch.

I used frozen berries, walnuts, and yogurt as well as the obvious baking powder and egg whites. I picked steel-cut oats because I like the texture and nutty taste. Yum!

For lunch I just scarfed some Cinnamon Chex cereal between classes because I had a packed day. Dinner was a sibbies night for me and my step-sista Kristen. We went to one of our favorite restaurants here in Boone called Black Cat Burrito. OMAHGAH! So good. I LOVE Black Cat! I used to eat their burritos back in the day before I was GF, and they are bangin'. They do have options for me, too. I got the Jumping Juan, which is beans + rice + sour cream + salsa + queso plus whatever you want, basically. I nixed the sour cream and got chickie and lettuce on mine.

Jumpin' in mah BELLY!

It was to die for! Kristen can attest to the fact that I had to quickly shove mine in the box and close it tight before I finished it all (speaking of tight, I also had to loosen my belt after dinner. Awesome.). I might have to get just a lil' niblet later to make sure it's still good, though...

Kristen got a "build your own burrito" and had a spinach tortilla with loads of stuff including rice + beans + mango salsa! If you can't tell, I genuinely get excited thinking about their food. Their salsa is so fresh, too.


Currently, I am chillin' out before I have to hit da gym and work off that Jumping Juan with some jumping jacks (HA! crackin' myself up over here)! Not to mention I have a Psych exam tomorrow to study for (sweet mercy please let school be cancelled!). I do have some updates from last week I never got to bloggin' about (I spelled it "bloogin'" at first...I really am cracking myself up). Hopefully, I can get to that after I get my other junk important things done. Happy Tuesday! -Claire

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