Friday, February 12, 2010

Why, Phil, Why?!

HOLY COW! Wow, so when they said there was a blizzard comin' through, they weren't kidding! It seems like all of Phil's six more weeks of predicted winter came all at once here! Wednesday, the snow started around 5pm and didn't stop until yesterday morning! These were not just delicate snow flakes softly falling, either. These were violent, evil snow chunks pounding on my window and our porch! 

We couldn't even open our door!!

We had several friends over stranded inside our place, too, and had no choice but to watch movies and stuff our faces make a bit of food. Actually, we really did eat a TON of food. Well, I ate a ton of food, anyways. I did my best to not get over-stuffed, but when I realized we were going to be up late, somehow this rationalized eating a lot more to me. Thankfully, I had done a bit of a workout which included supermans and crunches, as well as squats. Eventually, we realized we had to get out yesterday morning, so we hounded our friends to come over and dig us out. Thanks, Chloe and Merritt!

Chloe saving us!
That's a lot of white...took me fo'eva to shovel!

Annierae and I forced ourselves to the gym after b-fast. I had a hard, productive workout and spent 45 min on the elliptical before doing some weights and getting all buff. It felt good to finally get outside of our place and get my booty movin'! 
Yesterday, we also had an opportunity to make a meal at the Hospitality House, a place for people in poverty where they can get food and shelter. I did this last week and Lindsey asked me to stop by this week since she was there. Here is a pic from our meal last week:

Mah girls doin their thang!
Da Spread

This home is right near our place, so we get out there twice a month with a club called People Fighting Poverty. It's nice to share the lovin' when it comes to good nutrition and health!
Today, I have another packed day (how did I feel like yesterday was packed? It felt like it.) that involves class in ten minutes and going straight to my internship after. Then I gotta hit the gym! I hope everybody is being productive and staying warm! -Claire
p.s. sorry I'm in a hurry and can't be funny, soooo.....
..."have a good day" says Jezebel!

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