Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jenny Sauce!

So we already knew we had fantabulous friends and readers, but getting awesome recipes sent to us from devoted fans only reinforces that! Here's a easy and taste-a-licious-sounding salad dressing/marinade our great friend and fellow food luvah Jenny sent to us for sharing.

Introducing Jenny Sauce:
  • 2 tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 5 tbs olive oil
  • Squirt of mustard (my kinda measurement right there...)
  • Crushed garlic
  • Salt and pepper
Jenn-ay also says in her message: 

"And it makes a good amount so I just put it in an old mustard bottle and threw it (like Anna suggests) in the fridge. But if you have a sweet salad or something, you could use different flavors of balsamic vinegar, but overall it just works on everything. My mom puts in on salads with strawberries and cranberries and says it's lovely (I prefer no fruit in my salad, thanks)."

What an awesome idea! So many store-bought dressings have tons o' random calories in them, so it's super handy to know how to make it yourself. Anywho, I have yet to try it, but I think I have all of the ingredients laying around in my cupboards (those lazy things...they just lie around all day and don't do anything), so hopefully I'll get the chance to throw it together and maybe put it on some veggies to let you know how it goes tomorrow! :D
The inventor herself!

Thanks Jenny!! Keep 'em coming! -Anna


  1. I will DEF be tryin this tomorrow! -claire

  2. Oh, and Anna, don't get to crazy with the recipe names or anything!

  3. mmmm... that Jenny. so full of good ideas! I can't wait until Claire makes this! :)

  4. Haha, yes! I love it. I say we all get together and make delicous food! Everyone free, say...now? Good- Come to my place pronto!