Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SUPAHBOWL Food Hangover

WOWWWzahhs, who's thinkin' about investing in a Hoveround since I can't move after this weekend?? Sheeeesh, they don't warn you strictly enough about the kinds of foodz you'll be forced to consume at SuperBowl parties.

Alright, I'll settle for one of these bad boys instead of a Hoveround...look how much fun this lady's having! (....)

Needless to say, I woke up feeling a little wack-o absolutely HORRIBLE today. Yuck!! Too much wine, greasy finger foods, and rich, gooey desserts made their way into my mouth over the course of the weekend (not that I didn't enjoy every last morsel, but the end feeling isn't as satisfying). So in the spirit of "forgiving and forgetting," I'm not going to even delve into the list of junk I consumed. So THERE! Let's move on and have a healthy, detoxifying week and get back on track so I don't explode from a sugar overdose any time soon.

There were some great moments in the weekend that are definitely worth recapping, though. For example, Claire came to visit!!!!

Sistas from different misters (oh yeah, Claire...you're adopted.)

She was in town for the weekend because she had a doctor's appointment Monday. Sooooo she came to Raleigh to hang out with me when she arrived on Saturday! After picking up our bruther Alex from a late-night flight arrival (he interviewed in Massachusetts this weekend for grad school! Fingers crossed!) and dropping him and his buddies off at the bars, Claire and I decided to hit the sack early so we could get up and enjoy THIS:

 Drum roll please.....craisin raisin baked oatmeal!!

YUM! This might be even better than the baked pumpkin oatmeal! Claire and I thoroughly enjoyed it, plus it's uber filling!

The ingredients include:

1/4 cup quick-cook steel-cut oats
1 egg white
1/4 cup baking soda
Desired amount of craisins
Desired amount of raisins
Cinnamon to taste
1/2 cup applesauce

Mash up all the mixins and microwave them for about 3-4 minutes until it comes out like a little cake.

All mashified

Another thing that Claire decided to add to the top of hers (which I bought this week and LOVE): Better'n Peanut Butter spread!

Peanut buttery icing

Like a peanut buttah muffin cake!

Oh baby, this stuff totally impressed me! As a huge peanut butter fanatic my whole life (it runs in the family - Claire can't be trusted around a jar of peanut butter and our Dad has had PBJs for almost ever single breakfast...ever) this stuff isn't exactly a substitute, but it's delicious! It's a little bit sweeter than regular PB and has an icing-like texture. Compared to regulah PB, it states that it has "100 calories per serving (regular PB has 190) and 2 grams of fat per serving (regular PB has 16 grams)." WOW! So that means I can eat, like, 4 times as much as I normally would, right? .......
Claire, making sure that no smear of peanut butter icing goes unnoticed

 Anyways, it was a good, warm, muffin-y meal to start the day off right (even though it didn't quite end well with the SuperBowl madness...but let's not talk about it).

Last night, after feeling my horrible food hangover, I had a super-vitamin-full dinner - steamed artichoke, roasted brussel sprouts, and baked chicken. Super delicioso!

Finally, I'm gonna get up with you again later today to share a recipe for an awesome salad dressing we received from one of our most valued and loyal readers!! :D Also, look out for some good and exciting news in the next few posts...

Have a terrrrrrific Toozday! -Anna

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