Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mexi Micro Meal!

Here's the rezzy I promised!

This is the delicious one-serving recipe that I had the other day! It tastes just like an enchilada and can be healthy! (mine wasn't super healthy...but whatevs, it was delish). It was really nice to have a full meal without the clean-up of baking dishes, etc. just like a microwave meal you might buy (for way more $$).

You'll need:
  • Tortilla chips (I used baked)
  • Salsa
  • Taco sauce
  • Black beans
  • Corn
  • Sour cream (I used greek yogurt, but whatever works)
Gosh it's so easy! Alright, first, crank some jams! I totally can't cook without music, it makes it a bajillion times more fun! Next, crunch the chips up a bit and put it in the bottom of a microwavable bowl.

See, look! We're already being healthy

Aight, done with that? Pour on salsa (don't be stingy!) and some taco sauce. This tastes just like a good enchilada sauce!

Taco Sauce + Salsa

Pretty easy so far, no? Layer some greek yogurt onto this! Or sour cream -whatever works (the other day I used ranch! Mostly because I was out of everything else, but also because ranch is awesome...)
In the next pic I accidently put corn and beans down first, but I found it's better if the sour cream/greek yogurt goes next.

Pretend the corn/beans aren't B
Noooooow add the beans/corn!


Lastly, add lots 'o cheezzz! Okay not tooooo much, I actually did add too much cheese (who knew this was possible!?) but it was still yummy. Now all that's left to do is microwave it!! I put it in for liiiike 5 minutes. Okay, BUT as a side note: the best one I have had of these is one that I left in the fridge overnight. I made it and decided not to eat it one night, so I left it in there and had it for lunch the next day.  They are good no matter what, but if you want to prepare it ahead it is fabulous (and a super quick cheap microwave meal!)
ENJOY!! With a trashy mag, of course :D
But seriously, I put a lot of cheese on mine...

As a totally unrelated addition, I would just like to say that  :D  is definitely my favorite smiley. I decided this today and I'm very satisfied with this decision. Have a good day! -Claire


  1. Oh my goodness that stuff is so delicious my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  2. Thank you so much for comment, Lindsey! Since you're such a dedicated reader, we've decided to send you a FREE MEXI MICRO MEAL IN THE MAIL!! Wait...that might be kinda messy. Oh well. Sorry! :D