Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Favorite Breakfast

Alright, so this is getting ridonkulous. So you know how we had that snow storm over the weekend here in my part of NC and it threw off my class schedule for the beginning of the week? Out of my three classes tomorrow, I only have ONE! (NOT that I'm complaining...believe me, I'm more than happy to not have to go to my 8 am class...) But there's barely any snow left on the streets here! I could hardly believe my little eyes when I read the cancellation email for tomorrow. It's already a good start to tomorrow's day!

But let's back up for a hot sec - what about today? And yesterday?? Well yesterday I was so busy it was like a step up from a busy bee. Like...a busy hornet.

Alright, so I was busy, but I really hope I didn't look like this yesterday to other people...

I just had a ton to do! So SORRY I didn't have time to throw up a post. I did have time to snap a few pics yesterday and today, though!

Soooo rewinding ONE more time to the title of this post...I think I've found a new favorite breakfast! Hooooly guacamole, it's so spankin' good.  I finally tried my long-awaited "baked" pumpkin oatmeal!!

Mmm looks like cake!

The best thing about it (other than it only takes THREE minutes to make) is that it totally makes me feel like I'm eating a really filling mini cake or something for breakfast, but am still getting a really nutritious oatey feast. 

Side note: I tried that yesterday for the first time and adhered to the recipe, and I wanted it today again since it was so good (obviously). This time, however, I accidentally put a whole egg in instead of just the egg white. I decided to just try it before I ditched it, and it really didn't make that much of a difference! Just made it a little more savory, maybe.

Double side note: Kenzie (my roomie) sampled my first one and totally loved it, too, so she decided to make it yesterday. Since she didn't check the recipe again before making it, though, she forgot to put an egg white in and just put a little water instead. It worked out fine, though! So don't fear if you're outta the eggies.

For a snik-snak yesterday, I remembered I had some frozen rasperries that had been chillin' (literally) for a little while and one brown-alicious banana that needed some love - so I introduced them to each other and then chopped them to pieces! the food processor, that is:

A tart and tasty low-cal sweet-toof satisfier. Yum!

Another low-cal and tasty sweet-toof snackaroo that I snarfed as a dessert today is super simple.  I had a can of halved pears sittin' in my cupboard and slipped 'em into a bowl, nuked them in the microwave for about 2 minutes, sprinkled cinnamon on them, and voilĂ ! Almost like hot fruit pie filling!

Cinna, man!

Finally, I thought I'd share with you that I've made it a goal to drink at least 3 cups of tea (decaf, since caffeine makes me feel like I'm on speed...not that I've ever done speed, although I did get my first speeding ticket the other day...alright, back to the post) and 3 cups of water every day this week.

I know you're supposed to drink at least "8 glasses of water a day," but honestly, I just don't ever end up hydrating myself enough. And I've been reading a lot lately about the benefits green tea can provide, so I'm gonna integrate that into mah goal! Plus making half of my hydration for the day something that has a little flavor makes it easier to down that much fluid.

Well I'm guessing that since I don't have much class to get to tomorrow I'll definitely be able to put up a post-izzle! 

Have a grrrreat night kiddos! -Anna

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