Friday, February 5, 2010

Saltare! ...And a Cupboard Hodgepodge

Happy Friday, friends!!

 I hear ya', pup!

Man, this week, Friday couldn't have come any sooner! It's been one heck of a jam-packed week. I haven't had the chance to get the grocery ONCE! It's kind of good though, because I had some gems in the back of the pantry that I had forgotten about and needed to crack open (today, however, I'm definitely going to Trader Joe's to restock on fresh goodies and new stuff that I've wanted to add to my stash after reading about and imagining up some new combinations this week!).

So sorry I wasn't able to post again yesterday! Even though I didn't have a lot of class, I ended up not having a lot of time somehow...

ANYWHO yesterday I had another batch of my beloved baked pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast accompanied by a hot cup of green tea (check one off my goal for three teas for the day!).

Pumpkin pie cake muffin?! oatmeal! Could've fooled me with how this is!

Greeeeen teeeeeea

This is seriously such an awesome and easy recipizzle.  I've already decided that I'm gonna try making it a cinnamon apple oatmeal goody by substituting applesauce for the pumpkin, apples and spice instant oatmeal for the maple and brown sugah flava, and maybe even add some apple chunks and cinnamon on top!! It SOUNDS incredible, but I'm hoping the texture comes out just like the pumpkin one....maybe it'll happen today for a snack! I'll keep you updated... :)

So since I couldn't even squeeze a second out to get the food sto' this week,  my lunch yesterday was an interesting a suprisingly good way!

It consisted of a toasted Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin, leftover food-processed avocado and chile sauce, chili beans, and cheddah cheez on top:

I dunno who took that bite before I could take the picture...but it was me

"Gimme the food and nobody gets a claw to the eye."

"Fine, forget about the food...just give me the strap of that thing you're holding and we got a deal."

I also had another cup 'o green tea! It's not so bad keeping up with this goal, which is great, because I feel good about accomplishing something good for mah bod!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of dinnah because I was on the run (see below), but it was yumalicious. It included a strawberry Chobani greek yogurt mixed with a packet of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal and a Subway Spicy Italian 6 inch on Honey 9-Grain bread.  It was quite deeeelishuss.

So last night I was out and about helping my jump rope team with a half-time show for the Duke vs. Georgia Tech men's bball game at Duke University!

Cameron Indoor Stadium with the Cameron Crazies

We've done lots of Duke half-time performances before, and they're always the psycho-est, rowdiest, and most fun crowd we ever perform for.  It was great to go back and be a part of it, especially because it was my best friend Rae's last half-time show to participate in while she still attends Duke!

Rae the Dukie (front right), a few of the group that did the show, and some gangstas on the right

Finally, I have some big, AWESOME news to share with you guys!! Some of very good friends from the jump rope world are on America's Next Best Dance Crew on MTV! Their first "elimination round" was last night and Saltare (the name of their group) was the FIRST group to be selected to go on to the next round!!
Saltare consists of (from top left, clockwise) Chaz Robinson, Lee Reisig, Billy Jackson, Brittany Fortier, Tyler Perez, and Lisa Brown. Woop woop!!
Their performance was freakin' amazing, and Joe, Tim, Ted and I were cheering and jumping around in Ted and Joe's living room after watching them perform because of how excited and proud we were! PLEASE  check them out on MTV's ABDC website and watch them perform Thursdays at 10pm on MTV. 

Here's the full episode, too!

They need all the support they can get! Way to spread the word about the sport and make us proud, Saltare!! :D

Have a great Friday! I'm hoping to squeeze out another post of some interesting stuff that I found this week I've been meaning to share with you, so hopefully you'll hear from me lata on!  Go enjoy your Fri-dizzle!!


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