Friday, January 29, 2010

Double the Busy Bees!

Okay, so maybe it's a coffee week for me. I, too, have been a super busy bee!
One of these suckers...
I have been trying to blog everyday, but this week has been so super-packed for me I couldn't do it quite that much. Fail!

Uh oh...
Even though it's kind of mean to laugh's pretty funny. And if you imagine the dog is just yelling at her it's even more awesome!

Though being this busy can be stressful, it has also been productive for me, so it's okay. I just got back from my internship interview to work at a school, and I will be working there next friday! School work has been flooding into my life now that we are a few weeks in and I have been trying my best to keep my head above water. I have also made it a priority to fit in my workouts and healthy meals, which can take up big chunks of time. There have been some good meals though! I have been enjoying many a smoothie this week, MANY a coffee, and lots of salads. Anything quick will do! My friend came over the other night and we made my FAVE meal eva: B4D (breakfast for dinner). I made some yum-tasmic homefries that I forgot to take a pic of but trust me, they were good.

Aw yeah, baby. B4D FO' LYFE!
That also included a pice of cinnamon raisin toast from a rice loaf I bought and it definitely was a reminder as to why I make my own GF bread. I gotta get some more bread mix though, because I used the last of what I had gotten (thanks parents!)! Oh, also I gotta get eggs, milk, oil and everything else necessary because I haven't had time (or $$) for the grocery...which is why I just had Kix cereal (who knew this was GF?? I had no idea) with honey on it for lunch...

I also made some banana-strawberry soft-serve for a little snik-snak the other day:
'naner soft serve!
This week has also been full of birthdays!! Today, it's my friend Sarah's birthday and we are having a Mustache Party for her!! Don't worry, there will be pics. Wednesday was also my friend's birthday and we celebrated his on Wednesday. (same as B4D was the best night ever)

Jezzy Update: It finally happened yesterday...Jezebel broke my fishtank. I knew it was just a matter of time for her to smack the filter off or something, and that's just what happened. I will give you the low-down on how it happened later because I have to pick up my friend (and her vacuum...ours broke and our place it a D-U-M-P!) to get mustaches! Farewell! -Claire

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  1. Congrats on getting that job at the school, Claire! Just don't mess up any kids for life or anything... -Anna