Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pumpkin Oaties

Good morning, friends! We've made it past hump day! That means we're that much closer to the weekend. YAHOOOO.

Well I didn't get a chance to post a recap of my day yesterday (I was a super busy bee), but Claire's post was awesome and long, so I figured that was a good amount of reading for you guys.

Me, being a busy bee just eatin' a flower...oh, bees don't eat flowers? Alright, maybe I'm just smelling it...either way, I was busy.

Since I was buzzin' all over the place, I opted for easy, take-along foodz, including an avocado, carrots and red pepper hummus, and a fruit medley with cottage cheese on top for lunch.

Breakfast was some instant butter-flavored grits (I DIDN'T cheat on my butter-abstinence pledge! I just needed a little taste...), and because I got home late, was hungry, and didn't feel like preparing something that would take a long time, dinner ended up being an over-easy egg on some whole wheat toast with some cheddah cheese.  Breakfast for dinner is ALWAYS good in my book! What's your favorite meal of the day?

Wait, don't tell me...psychic kitty already knows your favorite meal of the day!

After dinnah I went to get mah fitness on (I didn't even have time before dinner! Yuck, I hate going to the gym late...oh well).  Yesterday was my cross-training day for my half-marathon training schedule.  I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and a short abs workout, and man did I sweat a lot. It was awesome. I love sweating - it makes me feel like I actually worked hard since sometimes I just read trashy gossip magazines at the gym like I do all the time!

Anyways, that was yesterday. It's a new day today! And I'm gonna take the time to post and take good pictures.

So breakfast was a new experiment that was kind of interesting - pumpkin oatmeal. I've read on a few other health-nuts' blogs that pumpkin is a kewl (remember when people used to spell "cool" like that? I'm gonna bring it back) food that's health-tastic. So I got a can of pumpkin pie filling at the grocery, mixed two scoops with one packet of plain instant oatmeal, and nuked that baby.


I tasted the pumpkin filling and really liked it by itself, but mixed with the oatmeal, it was kinda mediocre. It wasn't was just missing something. So I'll be messing around with this again sometime soon to perfect it.

After my breakfast, I headed back upstairs to get ready for class...and look who I found waiting for me!

"I'm takin' a bath...gimme some privacy!!"

What a psycho silly kit kat! Fonz is too cute. Anyways, off to class for yet another busy day, but I'll let you know lata about my roommate din din tonight.

Have a superb Thursday, pals!


  1. I had B4D (breakfast for dinna) last night, too!! Always a good choice.

  2. Oh, also, I thiiink lunch is my favorite meal of the day.