Monday, January 25, 2010

Let There Be Light!

Hallelujah! Finally, some sun! Today, I woke up to the sun shinin' through my window! Okay, actually I have curtains, but it was brighter than yesterday so I knew it was sunny. This is good news, because now I don't have any excuse to sit and do nothing. Well, at least not until I start to catch up on Project Runway...but that's kind of productive, right?? RIGHT?!

ANYWHO, even with a nice day ahead, I barely got out of bed in time for class. I was already running late but I can't sacrifice breakfast. I was going to Health and Nutrition first, so I'm suuure she understood why I was
10 2 minutes late. I scarfed down a bizarre smoothie consisting of an apple, banana, and a clementine with vanilla soy milk. Whatever, it worked. I'm kind of a smoothie fiend, in case you couldn't tell. They are so yummy and easy.

Oh yeah baby

After mah class I got mah workout done. I realized that I have waaay more fun at the gym if I make a conscious effort to have fun! Instead of "This sucks, when can I stop," I started to think, "Okay, this still sucks isn't as fun, what can I do next that is fun?" This way I could start with something and change when I wanted! Once I got sick of the elliptical, I didn't keep going just for the sake of doing 30 minutes, I instead moved to the treadmill and messed around on there for a while. Switching it up helped me be less bored AND provided added benefits (keeps your muscles guessing!). I did a lot of weights too, which I always love. Do you like cardio or weights more (or neither both)?

I was super-energized after working out and went to my favorite coffee shop afterwards to meet some friends. This place has the best coffee and coolest atmosphere. I have been trying to stay away from coffee, but I'm still a tiddly bit of an addict. I figure I earned my fix. While everybody chatted I dreamt up my lunch and decided to stop at Earthfare before I went home. It's right across the street from me, so this was a no-brainer since there is no food at my house. Here's what I got:
Da spread

I got some brussels sprouts, too, but those were already a'roastin'.
And here is the end result:

Gosh, this was so good

Scallion hummus and herbed turkey on seaweed rice cakes, wif roasted brussels sprouts. Oh mah gah.

Brussels sprouts taste like homefries to me, thus the ketchup

For me, mom?! Oh, you shouldn't have...

Don't worry, Jezzy, I didn't. And to prove this to you I shall eat every last morsel!

On a side note, I feel like I need to add that I took about an hour break while writing this post, and it is now 30 degrees, windy, and snowing. Just when I thought there was hope...

Anna, that is a very interesting article! I love finding things like that. Informative, yet inspirational! I found an article in a magazine I read in the gym today that had some really awesome resolutions. Here are a few:

  • I won't dress schlubby on Sunday (all I wore this Sunday was two separate pajama outfits...I think this is a good resolution for me)
  • I'll look pulled together for work (or school and tutoring, in my case)
  • I'll resist wearing a t-shirt and boxers to bed every night
  • I'll look hot at the gym (the few times I have worn something other than a ginormous t-shirt, I worked so much harder! Being in something tight makes you want to look good - and quick!)

This magazine featured Pink on the cover, who is so ridonkulously in shape that it was definitely a motivator in the gym.

Sweet mercy, look at that bod!

I suppose I should shower or something now, since I haven't since I worked out...sweet sick! Have a gud dai, folks! -Claire

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