Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapel Hill and Co.

Welcome to the weekend, friends! I've already had a great start! I'm gonna recap yesterday super snappy so I can hit the hay ASAP because I have to leave with some of my jump rope team members for Atlanta, GA at 4 am (!!!) for a quick overnight trip to teach a workshop...yikes. Let's hit it!

Guess what yesterday morning's breakfast was? ....if you guessed oatmeal, you've won a high five! (even though your guessing right isn't that impressive...I eat it every morning. Come on. Get over yourself)

Got dat pumpkin oatmeal with slivered know how we DO

Ooh yeah baby.

So good. 

Lunch was made up of two bananies blended with a few scoops of PB and some pecans thrown in the mix for a tasty pudding of sorts and another repeat of my Mexi-mush bowl from Wednesday (workin' on finishing that stuff off!)

Banana pudding (or as they say it here in the south, "Puddn")

Delicioso y fácil

After a quickie workout at the gym of some medicine ball exercises (in my personal training class), 20 minutes on the bicykle and 10 minutes on the elliptical, I had to run (well, not literally run...because it's like 30 miles away...but maybe someday I'll be able to...) to Chapel Hill to meet my jump rope team for a Duke men's bball half time show. Not many people on our team could go this time, so the few of us that could really had to step it up and jump in a lot of the routines to make sure the show was long enough. Man, THAT gave me a good little workout :)

Dinner was an anomaly (<--- whoah, how weird does that word look?) because on the way back from the show, our coach wanted to stop at a fast-food drive-thru for dinner (I hardly ever eat fast food). The group decided on Chick-fil-A:

Am I the only person that thinks Chick-fil-A's advertisements are hilarious? I freakin' love those cows

Look how few fries they gave me! What a rip off!
(alright...I ate most of them before I took the pic)

I also inhaled enjoyed one of their chicken sandwiches with only half the bun. Man, even though I don't ever eat fast food, I realllly like it sometimes!

What I had really been looking forward to all day, though, was what was to happen AFTER dinner - spending time with some of my best friends Bri and Aileen in Chapel Hill!

Chick-fil-A and red wine...what a classy dinner combination

Bri and I sipped on some Trader Joe's Coastal Zinfandel while we waited for Aileen to come pick us up to head out for a few drinks. Obviously we're seasoned pros at opening wine bottles manually:

Check out mah skillz

And then Aileen showed up and we were ready to get the party started!

Sweet reunion

The cool group out on the town

After hittin' a few bars, we were all pretty pooped and Aileen dropped us back at Bri-Bear's awesome apartment (which I was seeing for the very first time - love it! It's super cozy) for some rest before catching breakfast together in the morning...which was breakky-tastic, and will be recapped as soon as possible. 

But I'm tired, and I have to get up in like 5 hours! YIPES! So I'm hittin' the sack, mack. Have a great, sunny Saturday and hopefully I'll be able to post tomorrow, but I may be too busy in ATL. So you might just have to wait on the edge of your seat for a weekend catch-up post on Sunday.

Sweet dreams bloggies! -Anna

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