Thursday, February 25, 2010


Phew! I'm finally catchin' up on my posting. Not that they were all that exciting. But I guess everything here is more exciting than YOUR life since you're reading about mine, right?? HA just joshin'. I'm sure you have an awesome life. Anyways, here's what happened on Toozday:

Breakfast was a bomb-diggity bowl of pumpkin oats with roasted slivered almonds. I def think a new favorite! The almonds really add a sweet texture to it:


Details, details...

Then lunch included a trusty PBJ (though there is no evidence because it had to be wolfed on the run! ...after eating this next item...) and a mediocre attempt at flavoring my own plain greek yogurt:

Cherry pie filling mixed in...not bad, but really not as great as I was expecting

Looks like soft serve with cherry topping mixed in! But didn't taste as good :(

Tuesday was busy, but I made time for the gym for my 4.5 mile scheduled run for my half marathon trainin' and some awesome lifting that I hadn't done before! Lat pull-downs are definitely going to be added into my new strength routine.

Pretty sure my back doesn't look like this though (yet!)

BEFORE my run and iron-pumping, I had my personal training class (have I told you I'm taking a class to become a certified personal trainer? Cool, eh??) and we participated in a hard-core yoga class taught by one of the other already-certified trainers. PHEW! This was waaay tougher than I thought it would be...I've done some yoga before, and it always amazes me how different of a workout it is than what I'm used to. Definitely felt warm and stretched and kind of tired afterwards, but not in the high-intensity kind of was I usually like. Sometimes it's interesting to mix it up!

Dinner, unfortunately, was not documented. But it was yumalicious!! I met up with one of my best friends Laurie, her boyfriend Billy, and another friend Sara, at a local Mexican restaraunt, Cueva de Lobos for dollar taco night! My meal included a beef soft taco and a hard chicken taco. And a junkkkk load of chips and queso dip. That stuff is so dang addicting!!

Sloooooowly catchin' up on my posting. Hopefully today I'll be able to squeeze in another post for yesterday's happenings!

It's almost the weekend! Just think about that all day :) -Anna

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