Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Ketchup

Ketchup = catch up. Sorry I've been on a mini hiatus, friends! This weekend has been great and I couldn't possibly spare any time sitting in front of a computer away from the awesome jawsome people I got to spend time with.

So time to ketchup!

Breakfast Thursday morning was a creamy PB-y batch of Quaker Oats Quick Oats with some cinnamon, raisins, and a dollop of Daisy PB wif some UT (unidentifiable tea since I can't remember the flavah).

Delightful dish

Lunch was an interesting invention due to the fact that I was TOTALLY out of food other than PB, craisins/raisins, jelly, whole wheat bagel thins, and part of a leftover sweet potato. It was pretty gud, though: I combined them! How smart am I?? 
Cinnamon + craisins + PB + jelly = cinnacraybelly sandwich.

Smiley sandwich

Kinda strange combo with tha interesting sandwich, but yummy all the same

My sweet potato-and-a-half with some cinnamon and a packet of Splenda to sweeten it (even further than it's natural sweet-potato-ness) was tossed in the campus convenient store microwave for a bit before I wolfed it down before a test I didn't study enough for

I headed to the gymnaziyum after my test to work off all the stress from a busy week! I've recently been inspired to regain some muscle I've lost in my behind area (I like havin' some junk in mah trunk!) due to running a lot (for my upcoming half marathon), so I decided to try 20 minutes of the stair masta! It was tough, and you can rest assured (not that you would be actively worrying, but) that I sweated my little tush off (wait, isn't that what I DIDN'T wanna do?? Hmmmmm...). 

Someone took a picture of my (in the '80s, obviously) at the gym during my workout...

After the stair masta, I ellipticized for 25 minutes and did a back and abs workout. My back is STILL sore from Thursday!

Dinner was superb! Kenzie and I enjoyed some rooommate time and delicious sushi at our favorite place Sushi Sha Nay-Nay (alright, it's not really called's Sushi Tsune, but that's what we refer to it as). To document the event:

What did you get again, Kenz? The Alaskan roll and some sort of tuna roll?

...oops. Dug in before I remembered to take pics!

Crunchy spicy tuna roll and a bowl of steamed rice! Sooooo goody goody gum drops

I was really looking forward to Thursday night because I was planning on hanging out with my roommate from freshman year, Jordan, and her boyfriend, Jordan (funny, huh?)! Two of my favorite people ever! :)

Bein' goofalicious (per usual, with these two)

Me and mah boo!

After meeting them at Girl Jordan's apartment (to differentiate between the two of them, they are often referred to as "Girl Jordan" and "Boy Jordan" by their family and close friends), we headed to East Village (a local bar) to hang out with some other friends and throw back a few beers. A totally awesome night!

Saturday morning included fiber-full waffles and some scrambled eggs made by Girl Jordan and Tiger Woods' apology speech. An interesting combination...

To tell the truth or not to tell the truth...that is the question

Friday really needed to have some homework happen, buuuuuuut...I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch instead. Let's just leave it at that.
From the campus convenience store

Tuna, green peas, "herbed" mayonnaise, mustard, delicious croissant

...all consumed in front of a computer while procrastinating on doing an assignment due Monday morning. Not the smartest homework decision, but a good lunch decision. The sandwich was actually incredible. I need to make this at home! Some cheez would probably make it that much better, too...

By the way, this post is getting entirely too long, so I'm finishing with Friday's dinner, then will give Saturday its own blurb.

So on to dinnah: a giant success!! Joseph and I decided we were too tired after working on his Spanish homework to cook dinner, but equally inspired to eat Mexican food. The result: trying out the newest local Mexican place up the street, El Cerro!

Tha feast

Assortment of meat and vegetables

OH. MAH. GAH. This was SO delicioso!!! We got a meal that was "for two" which included flour tortillas to fill with ground chorizo, shrimp, chicken, steak, rice, refried beans, guac, sour cream, lettuce, grilled vegetables, and tomato. There was waaaay too much food on the table at once (especially because we both downed a basket fair amount of chips and salsa before the meal was even brought out...), but it was incredible! The metal "podium" it was served on had a little heater in the middle to keep the fillings hot the whole time. Que chevre! :D

My own plate of fillin's

Joseph also sipped a mojito throughout the meal.  Needless to say, we left the place extremely satisfied and very full (and with three days' worth of leftovers!!)

Anyhoozy, like I said earlier, this post way too long...but I just had such an eventful weekend! So Saturday and Sunday will surely be documented - just in the next post. Soon.

Have a great night, babies! Hope your weekend was fantabulous and you have a superb Monday awakening :D -Anna

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