Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday Camp Trip

YAY the weather was actually nice this past weekend!! Because of this combined with the fact that Joe and I finally had a little bit of free time for the first time in a while, we decided that Saturday was the day to go on a one-night camping trip!

After a filling and festive Mexican dinner the night before, Saturday morning started out with some basic oatmeal: Quaker Oats Quick Oats, PB, honey, and a sliced up 'naner before we headed to Joe's parents' house for a quick pre-camping visit:

I am such a good photographer. Look at that honey just drizzlin' everywhere.

After a bit of hangin' out with Bev and John (Joseph's mom and step-dad) at their krib (which was only about 10 minutes away from our future camp site), we decided to raid their fridge/cabynetts for some luncharoo. The result was homemade garlic toast with Trader Joe's Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Peppah Soup with some cheez shprinkled on the top and tortilla chips dipped in John's fan-TABulous homemade hummus for me...

No pickies available of the hummus since I scarfed that junk before anyone else saw it...

...and the rest of the bunch enjoyed some brown rice noodles with tomato sauce and garlic toast fuh dippin' (by the way, the brown rice noodles were so tasty! I forget the brand, but I think Bev mentioned picking them up at Trader Joe's...Claire, they're GF - have you tried them??)

After lunch and laying around in the back yard for a tid bit (again, the weather was pHeNoMeNaL! <--- does that kind of writing annoy anyone else as much as it does me? nEwAyZ...) we headed out to the woods behind Joe's grandma's house, where, coincidentally, our camp site was located (actually it wasn't coincidence at all...we've camped behind her house before...)!

We set up camp on some prime real estate, basked in the sun on a sheet while listening to the NC State vs. Wake Forest bball game out of Joe's car (HALLELUJAH, we won!!!), and embarked on a little hike around the woods. A few junk load of pictures from the whole afternoon:

Our campsite next to a big field and under a grape-growing structure of some sort...

The road leading to our heavenly one-night home

Checkin' out tha digs

My handsome camper

Setting up the house

Preparing our key-hole fire for cookin' din din - I'll have you know I carried ALL those rocks over AND the stumps in the next picture!! I'm awesome.

The dining room and fire fuel

Home sweet home!

Happy hiking campers :)

I found this branch that had been completely stripped of its bark and you could clearly see the beaver bite marks - so cool!

Beaver treat

Attempt at an artsy nature photo

Speaking of beavers, we found some sort of rodent jaw bonez on the ground with some chompers still attached!

Arriving back to our site after a sweet hike

The adjacent field - just imagine if those silos were all overflowing with PEANUT BUTTER...I'd wanna go swimming in them

I'm so artsy

PHEW! Get enough photos? Unfortunately I didn't document the very delishus dinner we prepared because I was too busy enjoying the good company and mulled wine that accompanied the food, but it included:
  • Chopped potatoes
  • Onions
  • Cream of chicken soup
  • Quartered brussel sprouts
  • Baked beans
  • Corn
  • Kippers for Joseph's snik snak
These were all easy to heat/roast ova the blazin' fire and great and hearty when combined, too (we didn't combine the baked beans, but everything else was pretty much thrown in a stew of sorts).

I LOVE mulled wine!! Here's the recipe that I first learned to make it from (and now tweak to my taste whenever I throw it together).

Anyways, super long post again. Today was busy and full of food, so look out for that on the morrow. 

Have a groovy Tuesday!

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