Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta...

...Where the playas play! How crazy is it that Anna and I just realized yesterday that we are both in Atlanta this weekend!! I am currently in da ATL visiting two of my good friends from high school that are now at school here. I drove the 5.5 hour trip to get here, and it really wasn't bad at all! My car handles like a champ on the windy mountain roads coming down, but the traffic was pretty bad at some points. Unfortunately, Anna and I can't meet up because of her strict J-rope schedule. Would have been neat!

It was a sweet reunion yesterday when I met up with Christen, the friend I'm staying with- I missed her so much!
(I'm trying to post a pic of her and I, but I can't get it work! I will have to get some up later...) 
She goes to an all-girls school and everybody here is really, really nice. We went out last night and I got to meet all her friends and lots of new people, too! We didn't get back until pretty dang late (2:30am) but that's what weekends are for, right? Not worrying about everything you have to do and just having fun! I have a weird habit of waking up early (maybe not mentally waking up, but not sleeping, at least) on the weekends, so I got up at about 9 this morning. Why does this not happen on school days instead?? I think it also helps that there is sun here, something I haven't seen in fo'eva!

One innerestin' thing we did was go to her on-campus cafeteria (called "Molly's", I think). I haven't been to a cafeteria in a long time only because I buy my own food and there usually aren't a lot of gluten-free options for celiac folks like me. I settled on a lettuce wrap sort of thing (the woman who made it for me was pretty baffled by my request). I had two pieces of lettuce with loads of veggies on it, lots of hummus and some cheeeeez! It was pretty good! Again, sorry no pic. Anywaizzzz, we are off to brunch now and I get to see my other friend, Evan, later tonight- I'm siked!! I hope everybody is having a great weekend so far and I will post some fun pics soon! -Claire

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  1. I miss beautiful pictures of oatmeal! And reading about your lives.
    Love both of youuuu