Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go Away, Winter

Hey stalkers! :) (It's ok...I do it too)

This morning was so strange. After putting up my morning post and getting ready to drag my feet to class seize the day, I walked outside to head to class and


It's SNOWING?!?! A LOT! Where did that come from?? I was so surprised by this unexpected winter wonderland that I actually had to run back inside to change for the cold temperature!

My house this morning

It snowed for about 3 hours good and heavy, and now it's 43 degrees and sunny. Good one, Mother Nature. You go tme. And now I'm sweating in my boots, sweater, and scarf. Great.

Anywhoozy, yesterday was kind of all over the place (in a good way this time!) Breakfast was about the only part of my day-to-day routine that was normal. And MAN I love my breakfast routine!

...unfortunately it disappeared somehow before I got a picture of it. Dang! I gotta get better at that...well, here are some pictures of Fonz eating his breakfast in place of me eating mine:

Really gettin' into that bouquet

Why he likes flowers so much, I don't know. Maybe he's going to be a florist when he grows up!

...or not

My breakfast was actually peanut butter apple oatmeal, and gosh do I love all three of those things. I think I don't add apples to my oatmeal very often because I'm too lazy hungry to take the time to cut up the apples. Maybe I'll start buying apples that people have already cut up and put in bags for me! (that doesn't make me sound lame, does it?...)

I also ADORE my new make-oatmeal-with-almond-milk-instead-of-water discovery! It makes it so sweet, creamy, and thick. Mmmmmmmmm hmmm.

Lunch was some leftovers from Monday's Mexican mania, sans the tortilla:


Gotta get that close-up 
  • Brown rice
  • Buttah beans
  • Diced canned tomatoes
  • Shredded cheese
  • Dollop of plain greek yogey
YUM! I didn't even heat this mush-pile up and it was still awesome possum!

This, on the other hand, is NOT an awesome possum

I also downed a giant (and I mean GI-YANT, as in a double-hander) bananie on the walk to class.

Since I hadn't taken off Monday for my "rest" day, I decided that I'd skip my cross-training gym visit since I had to attend a jump rope practice later that evening.

Joseph and I popper over to my parents' house in Chapel Hill a little before practice (which is only about 8 minutes away from their house) for a little visit and din din! My step-mom was still at work (she's a pediatric anesthesiologist at a local hospital...long hours), so my dad was in charge of preparing the food for our arrival.
Chef Steve

Fortunately my dad is a great cook! The meal consisted of:
  • Red cabbage with bacon and brown sugar
  • Carroway chicken
  • Salad
  • Fresh bread
Oh yeah baby! I especially loved the red cabbage! I can't even remember the last time I had it, and the combination of sweet and savory bacon and brown sugar really made an awesome dish. Good job, Diddy!

Showing off Dad's creation

My delicious plate!

He doesn't mess around when it comes to eating

So good to see the house and my daddy-o (wish you were there, Ann!) - I haven't been able to get home much lately because I've been so dang busy! Really needs to happen more.

YAHOOOOOO! Almost all caught up for tha posts! Crankin' 'em out baby.

On the schedule for the rest of the day:
  • Personal training class
  • Gym (if I have time...yarg I hate when I don't have a 100% chance of getting my workout in for a day!)
  • Duke bball half-time jump rope show
  • Hang out with Bri in Chapel Hill for the night!
Me and Bri-Bear a while back!

Friday's only a few hours away! Yippeee!! -Anna

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  1. LOL...that cat pic is priceless!!!

    Y'all are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back-- I'm excited to keep reading sizzlin' sistas :-)