Friday, February 19, 2010

Oatmeal and Crack

Halloo my pretties! I'm currently just a'munchin on an apple after my workout, and chillin wit da roomie and kittay! I have been lazy lazy lazy busy busy busy lately and keep meaning to post. 

This morning I made baked oatmeal for the 3rd time this week...this stuff is like crack! I mean, you eat it and all you want is more! crack, right? Speaking of addictions I have (I'm addicted to OATMEAL, not CRACK, in case I confused anybody...), I also felt terrible this week on the days I couldn't workout because of the snow. It makes you feel so much better! And congrats to ANNA who ran 6 miles!!!! I AM SO PROUD! I didn't mean for that to be in caps, but it happened and I'm not changing it because it is THAT EXCITING! I liked your pic of you crossing the "finish line" (weren't you on a treadmill??), but this is more how I imagined it:

More accurate pic of Anna crossing the finish line! I call it ANNECHORN

My photoshop skillz need some work but I will be as good as Anna soon enough. We finally got our internet fixed today, so we don't have to steal borrow our neighbors' anymore, which means, hopefully, that I will be blogging a bit more since I don't have to stay in certain places in our house to get internet (thankfully, the one place I got it was in my bed!)! 

Unfortunately, however, that time to get a long blog in is not right now. I need to get my stanky self to the shower and prepare for the night. BUT, tomorrow I will be back on track and will make time to give you all a food/life rundown! Have a good night er'ybody and TGIF!!-Claire

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