Thursday, February 18, 2010

I. Am. A. Beast.

No seriously. I'm really a beast. I did it.


 ...not that it's a big deal or anything, just wanted to let you know.

Alright, who am I kidding? (by the way, to keep with Claire and my recent trend of revealing our mispellings, I'll have you know that I just wrote, "Alright, ho am I kidding?" I seriously considered keeping it because that would totally make me sound like a pimp daddy) 

I'm SO proud of myself! That's the longest I've ever run consecutively except for maybe that time I was being chased by the cops! Not only did I run each and every one of those suckers, I did it in the best average mile time I think I've ever recorded for myself - 47 minutes flat!! :D In fact, I ran the whole thing like this:

An action shot of me crossing the finish line

WHEW, I can finally cross that one off the list for my half-marathon training schedule (I missed it last weekend due to a hectic schedule).  7 miles is on the plate for this Sunday! Hopefully it'll go just as well...

Something else I accomplished yesterday: not biting my nails! Quitting the habit one of my New Years' Resolutions this year, but unfortunately (like the thousand other times I've tried to stop) that one flew out the window after the first two weeks.  So I've made a new effort to make this the REAL time I stop for good! I think I'll try to update you and make sure to let you know that I didn't bite to help me stay me out! :)

Anyways, something I did bite yesterday was foooooooooood! (that wasn't a lame segue or the way, why is segue spelled like that?!) Here's b-fast:

Baked pumpkin and raisin oatmeal

I hadn't made baked pumpkin oatmeal in quite a while, and it was SO good. But I ran out of pumpkin on the last scoop! Hopefully I have an extra can sittin' in the back of the cubby, though....tea was pumpkin oatmeal's friend, too:

PG Tips black tea


So I've recently gotten pretty into black tea - my friend Ted has this tea at his house and I got hooked on our snowed-in weekend. Whereas he taught me to make it with some honey and milk, I got some for myself and decided that I would try getting some almond milk!

Since it says it's PURE almond it makes me imagine men sitting in a factory squeezing almonds really hard to get a drop of milk out...sounds plausible. Will someone fact-check that for me?

I am totally an almond milk convert now. This vanilla flavor is supah sweet and delicious! Puurrrrfect for my tea - it almost makes it taste like hot chocolate! I will be using this a lot more the future.

Since I am really runnin' low on the grub right now (gonna have to make a grocery triparoo this weekend) lunch was pretty boring, but still good, because it was one of mah fav on-the-go mealios:

Pee Beej (we're on a nickname basis)

Lunch also included a rotten pleasantly browned banana sliced up into vanilla greek yogurt and some carrot chips and roasted garlic hummus:

This wasn't actually very all

I like eating carrot "chips" and hummus because it makes me feel like I'm eating REAL chips and dip!

After helping Joseph with his dreaded Spanish homework for this week (he initially addressed the assignment he had to email to his teacher to "el teachero"...) I was ready for a mid-afternoon snik-snak of one of my favvvvvorite snacks!

Cheez + crackz

Cheez and crackz make me hap!

A couple hours of procrastinating homework later, I had worked (or not worked, rather) up an appetite for some tuna helper with peas that Joe was making:

Last fud of the dai

Yum! I finished off the meal with half of a mini Hershey's almond chocolate dipped in some PB, but I don't have a picture because it jumped into my mouth before I could snap one. Those pesky chocolates!

(Insert highly impressive 6 mile run + some heavy duty weight lifting here)

I'm awesome! You're awesome!

Have a grrrreat Thursdai! Weekend's almost here! :D -Anna


  1. Yesterday Bri and I ate dried mangoes coated in chili pepper (Trader Joes) and dipped them in greek was amazing! I am on a greek yogurt binge at the moment.

  2. It IS delish! Anna does bffaeae mean breakfast forever and ever??