Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trek and Brekky!

Hola! Today I walked in the coldest conditions I have ever experienced, but now that I'm back in my cozy, warm apartment with my cuddly, warm kitkat I'm feeling much better. The wind chill here was -4 degrees when I walked to class with wind of just over 30 mph...yeah, crazy. They cancelled 8am classes but forgot about us 9:30's who had to make a terrible trek, too! Anywho, I'm home now and I just enjoyed a HUGE, fabulous breakfast that has brought me back to life! A mexican, mostly eggwhite omelette with hashies! I was craving something salty, and I had leftover mexican veggies that I threw in with salsa and cheez!

Salty, cheesy goodness

I also discovered something that could potentially be lethal. Since my electric wok was sitting out (because we used it to make stir-fry...more on that later!) I decided to throw my hashbrowns in there. It's amazing! Because the wok gets screaming hot super quickly, it browned the potatoes ppuurrrfectly! They were crunchy and taste-a-licious! I plopped it all onto my finest china and washed it down with hazelnut coffee in my favorite coffee mug!

Ready to be scarfed

My mug I purchased in Hawaii over Christmas break! This tiki man means "luck"

Hopefully, this little tiki man is going to bring me the luck I need in about 1.5 hours, when I get to my Historical Geology exam. I have another exam tomorrow and 2 papers due then, too, so I'm gonna need as much as I can get! Maybe if I eat an Irish-inspired brekky (...breakfast...) tomorrow it will bring me even MORE! And if I find a leprechaun and stuff it in my backpack I'll be green golden. Anna and I have both been humorously misspelling things lately, so I would just like to let you know I wrote "leprecorn" at first-- as in, a mix between unicorn and leprechaun!! Wouldn't that be the most epic, luck-giving character on the planet?! That's what I want in my backpack! (Why are they called unicorns, by the way? shouldn't it at least be unihorn?) 

Well, I must get back to start studying and stop pondering the origins of mythical characters that can't actually help me on my exam at all. Ta ta for now! Wish me leprecorns luck! Oh, and Anna, good luck to you, too! Maybe you can do an artist's rendition of a lerprecorn using your sick nasty photoshop skillzzz? -Claire

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