Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day Scavenger Hunt!

Happy Monday friends! A food-relevant comic to start your week:

I hope everyone had a lovable Valentine's Day! Thanks for the luuuv back, Claire! So yesterday I told you that I had been planning a special homemade V-Day treat for Joe - a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the actually running around, but I have the clues and pictures to describe to you how it was all set up.

The idea was to take him to the most common places we go and enjoy together around the area, and then give him a small goody appropriate for that location. The places and goodies for each were:
  • Target (a bag of Almond Hershey mini chocolates)
  • Our gym (a bottle of his favorite red have to read the clue to understand it! We don't usually drink at the gym...)
  • The local dollar theater (a coupon book for the theater)
  • Lake Johnson park (an assortment of his favorite snik-snaks...kippered herring mmmm fishyyy)
  • North Carolina Seafood Restaurant (our favorite meals packed and ready to be taken home to eat!)
  • Home! (a final poem and fire in their fire pit waiting in their backyard thanks to Ted for getting it going before we got there!!)
For the actual clues, I printed out each short poem and pasted it on the back of some of my favorite pickies of us. Here are a few of the pictures with the corresponding clues:

Clue #1:

Clue #2

Clue #5:

So there's a little taste of what we did yesterday evening! It was perfect ending with a casual dinnah in at home with just the two of us and our favorite food (crab cakes for me, YUM!). Hangin' out, drinking wine, and sitting 'round a fire are some of the things we most enjoy doing together, so why not treat ourselves to that on V-Day? :D

Joseph's gift for me was a really sweet Marni journal that he got because he decided we should have an "imagination book." The idea is for it to be a little journal that we trade back and forth after each of us enters anything we want into it (doodles, notes, ideas, etc.) that we can look back on a long time from now and enjoy.  

I LOVE his idea and can't wait to see what pops up (there have already been some creative entries on my part today in class while I was daydreaming taking a mental break from the lecture...)

What did YOU do for V-Day? 

More to come later after I hit the gym on what I actually ate the past couple of days! (aside from chocolate...dipped in peanut butter...washed down with wine...)


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