Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Tuesday? Check!

Lots to do today again? Check! Where did this week go?? It's already Hump Day?! (which, by the way, I think is one of the strangest and most awkward phrases the English language contains...couldn't we call it "hill" day? Or "bump" day?) A hilarious Wednesday cartoon (sorry for the bad quality - I've written what the texts says below):

"Guess what girls? It's Hump Day! All down hill from here.

...Oh crap."

Anyways, yesterday I did GREAT with my renewed goal of getting back on the healthy-eating train! Plus I did a pretty good job taking a picture of everything I ate, which I'm proud of.  Brekky was a baked batch o' oatmeal and a cup 'o tea:

Craisins, raisins, and oats, OH MY!

I think I am seriously getting to point of being obsessed with oatmeal. It feels kind of like an addiction...any time I'm hungry, I just want to eat oatmeal! There's so much you can do with it AND it's super quick! And the texture is soooo yummy. So expect to continue seeing many of these breakfasts :)

Because I was busy supah busy yesterday and don't really have a good lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays, lunch was kind of grazing from 11:30am-2:30pm. It included a greek yogurt fruit medley that I threw together before leaving the house:
Craisins, raisins, and a sliced up bananie

I also chomped on a sweet juicy apple:

That's me, I swear!
...alright, so that's not me. I didn't get a picture of the apple. But I ate one!
I also got one of these bad boyz from the campus convenience store because I was quite hungry and hadn't brought enough food in my bag. It was actually really good!

Whole wheat pita bread, red pepper hummus, cheddar cheese, and carrot sticks

A salty-ish and creamy afternoon assortment

The only strange thing about this box, if you'll notice on the label, is that it offers "style/exercise/nutrition tips" inside.  While I appreciate the little health hints (especially because it's a pretty healthy snik-snak), here's a tip coming from a fashion major: don't take style tips from a snack box.  That's just weird.

Moving onto dinner...

Mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms (I'm really trying to make myself like them...) and mini turkey sausage links

An artistic-angle attempt

Joe threw this batch of goodies together at his house before we had to head to Chapel Hill (our hometown 30 minutes away) for jump rope practice - which happened to be a good way to fit in my activity for the day since I was too busy earlier to fit in a gym run! 

So today I'm gonna be just as good about keeping up with mah food pics and am definitely making it to the gym to try to finally run my 6 mile run that I need to accomplish as part of my half-marathon training.

Have a great HILL DAY folks! -Anna

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